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Forever Rose
Forever Rose
Forever Rose
Forever Rose
Forever Rose
Forever Rose

Forever Rose

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(Stock will run out soon, NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!)

All Forever Roses are handcrafted from real roses, carefully grown in our nurseries, selected at the peak of their beauty and preserved in a durable lacquer shell to capture their detail and natural beauty. They are then dipped and plated with a real 24K Gold to create this breathtaking masterpiece for your life-time enjoyment.

It never changes color, never fade, and never perish. This rose will take its reference to her, which will keep youth forever.

With over 65 meticulous steps and seven days of handwork by skilled artisans and technicians, each Lofian™ is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting, like your love!

A special way to say "I love you" - It carries your dear and beautiful memories into life forever.


Great Gift for Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Sweetest Day Gift, Mother's Day, Wedding and so on.
"She loved it!" "She will not go wrong with it".

Each rose is packed in an exquisite gift box with a moon-shaped rose stand to improve high quality.

(The product is not real 24K gold, it only has the color!)